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Lyme Disease And The Bulls Eye Rash

From: Jenna’s Lyme Blog Most people are unaware that ticks become active at any temperatures above freezing, in fact they have been documented in active form during winter thaws of only several days. These cold days are actually the greatest…


Prevention Of Lyme Disease Is Better Than A Cure

Some of the best methods of prevention

• avoid tick infested areas – wooded and brushy areas, high vegetation
• wear light colored clothing so ticks can be more readily seen
• wear long sleeved shirts, long pants tucked into socks and a wide…


Spinal Fluid Proteins Distinguish Lyme Disease from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The spirochetes (bacteria) responsible for Lyme disease and/or co-infections often persist despite aggressive treatment with antibiotics, causing a chronic infection(s), the resulting in the symptoms seen in nPTLD, which I agree with.

What is fascinating is that a new report just came out showing that those with so-called PLDS can clearly be distinguished from those with CFS as well as healthy individuals:…


Cases of Lyme Disease Have Doubled In 5 Years

In the past 5 years, reported Lyme disease cases have doubled. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) posted that, in 2009, there were 38,468 reported cases [1], which is up 9% from 2008. As well, Lyme cases have increased by 94%, almost doubling from 2004-2009.

Note: according to epidemiologists at the CDC, these reported cases are underestimated 6- to 12-fold in endemic regions due to flaws in its reporting system. [2] Thus, the real number of new cases of Lyme disease in 2009 may be more like 461,616.


New Study Shows How Lyme Bacteria Survive Unfavorable Conditions In Host

A recent research paper by Straubinger confirms that the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), is capable of transforming itself from a spirochetal form (that looks like a cork screw shaped worm) to a spherical shape when it encounters unfavorable conditions. The study is important because it confirms earlier work by Brorson on the ability of Bb to convert to a spherical shape under adversity and convert back…