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GB4000 + Amp for sale

My friend is selling his GB4000 Rife machine plus amplifier and so I wanted to offer it to anyone on here before it is sold. He is charging about half the price it would be to buy it outright, and it is in perfect working condition. If interested, please send me a private message through my contact form and I will put you in touch with him.



Rifing Update 2/15/12

I have been receiving a lot of emails asking how my rife experiment is going with the GB4000, and I want to update all of you as to where I am at as of late. I started using the GB4000 a little under a year ago, but have only been using the amplifier with it for about 6 months. Basically, since starting with the GB4000, I have seen the following benefits:


A Great List of Rife Machine Frequencies

This woman has put together a really neat list of Rife machine frequencies for Lyme disease and associated co-infections. She is using a Doug Coil machine, but the frequenices will work for other rife machines, such as the GB4000. Check it out!


Why Rife-type Machines May Be So Effective: Square Waves Seem To Support Health

Micro-organisms and Disease

Whether micro-organisms enter the human body via insects (either mechanically or through their bites) or other means (such as by ingestion of contaminated water or food), microbes have been implicated in many diseases and painful conditions. Royal R. Rife’s experiments demonstrated what he called the BX virus as being present in individuals suffering from cancer. Other research has shown that micro-organisms may contribute to the development of arthritis, rosatia, lyme disease, encephalitis, spinal meningitis, typhus, river blindness, infections (such as drug resistant E coli, staph, candida), and many more.