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GB4000 + Amp for sale

My friend is selling his GB4000 Rife machine plus amplifier and so I wanted to offer it to anyone on here before it is sold. He is charging about half the price it would be to buy it outright, and it is in perfect working condition. If interested, please send me a private message through my contact form and I will put you in touch with him.



Doug Coil vs GB4000 Rife Machine

For those using rife machines, I spoke with a man a few weeks ago who met with Doug, the original maker of the Doug Coil rife machine who cured himself along with his family by treating their cases of Lyme with the machine, and these are those frequencies Doug said helped the most…


Using the gating feature when rifing with a GB4000

I just started using what is called “gating” when experimenting with my Gb4000 rife machine, and I can definitely feel a difference – I had a small herx for the first time in a while since beginning with the rife machine, and I even feel a bit better now overall after having come out of it.