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Brand New Doug Coil Rife Machine For Sale

Hi! My friend, Alex, is selling his BRAND NEW Doug Coil rife machine. It’s the best one out there made by Alex Levy. It comes with a blank warranty card. He paid $3,200 for it and is asking $2,900. Plus, you don’t need to wait for months for your order to be ready as there are wait lists. Please contact him directly at akrasnoshchek@gmail.com if interested.


Doug Coil Rife Machine For Sale

A reader of the site and her husband and trying to sell their Doug Coil machine, amplifier and cabinet. It was made by John Stolar – one of two main Doug Coil machine builders in the country – as her husband just does not use it anymore. The coil is a very powerful machine! They are asking $1200, which is a VERY good price for the Doug Coil.


A Great List of Rife Machine Frequencies

This woman has put together a really neat list of Rife machine frequencies for Lyme disease and associated co-infections. She is using a Doug Coil machine, but the frequenices will work for other rife machines, such as the GB4000. Check it out!