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Lyme sufferers push for better care

The Ulster Park resident had a college-level vocabulary by the sixth grade. But once the symptoms hit, Tresvik could barely put together a sentence or have others understand her.

Her body began to fade as well. Tresvik began falling, knocking things over and nodding off during conversations.

And the pain?

It’s been nearly unbearable.

“I frequently pray to God that I don’t wake up tomorrow morning,” Tresvik said.


Congressional Staffer Calls on Govt. Agencies to Take an “Open and Fresh” Look at Lyme Disease

Friday’s congressional hearing chaired by Rep. Smith gives hope that after years of frustration on the part of Lyme disease groups to get doctors, scientists and federal officials to acknowledge that chronic Lyme does exist, their voices are being heard. Source – Lyme Research Alliance, Inc.


How Lyme Disease Sickened The Banking Titan JPMorgan

The $2 billion-and-counting derivatives-trading debacle at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) may be traced back to misplaced trust and — a case of Lyme disease?

Two extensive reports — one by the New York Times and the other by the Wall Street Journal — trace the deterioration of JPMorgan Chase’s once-disciplined corporate culture and its aftermath. They lay bare a top-down hierarchy characterized by misplaced trust and growing hubris that fueled a power struggle during a leadership vacuum. And it all began when now-retired Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew was frequently absent as she battled a case of Lyme disease.


New Drug To Be Tested For Chronic Lyme

Researchers led by Time for Lyme grantee, M. Karen Newell-Rogers, Ph.D, have submitted a pre-IND briefing document to the US Food and Drug Administration, a preliminary step toward developing proposals for clinical testing of a new drug that could one day end the suffering of those with chronic, or long-term Lyme disease.