Why Rife-type Machines May Be So Effective: Square Waves Seem To Support Health

From Square Wave Research:

Micro-organisms and Disease

Whether micro-organisms enter the human body via insects (either mechanically or through their bites) or other means (such as by ingestion of contaminated water or food), microbes have been implicated in many diseases and painful conditions. Royal R. Rife’s experiments demonstrated what he called the BX virus as being present in individuals suffering from cancer. Other research has shown that micro-organisms may contribute to the development of arthritis, rosatia, lyme disease, encephalitis, spinal meningitis, typhus, river blindness, infections (such as drug resistant E coli, staph, candida), and many more.

Everything Oscillates

Every living and non-living thing has a natural vibration rate or frequency. For example, many of us may remember TV commercials with Ella Fitzgerald producing a sound that would cause a wine glass to shatter (or was it “Memorex”?). Her voice produced vibrations that matched the natural frequency of the glass, and when amplified created enough resonance to shatter it. Resonating that frequency did not destroy any other objects near the glass.

Bridges also have demonstrated this phenomenon. Military units crossing bridges while marching in formation have been known to amplify the bridge’s natural vibrating frequency, causing them to sway, oscillate, and even collapse. The British army, marching in colonial America, had their troops break step as they crossed a bridge, and then had them regroup on the other side to avoid this problem. So what’s the connection with micro-organisms that carry or cause disease?

How Square Waves Affect Micro-organisms

Royal Rife demonstrated in many experiments that microorganisms have their own specific Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). This frequency, if amplified, will either debilitate these organisms and render them unable to reproduce, or actually resonate their membrane walls to the point of collapse: basically they are vibrated to death. Rife used various square wave frequencies transmitted both radiantly and by direct micro current to disable microbes, while observing them with his Universal Microscope. Seventy years of history indicates that using square wave technology does not damage healthy cells.


1) Change Body pH
One alternative health practitioner, who has been involved in alternative health for the past seventeen years, has made some very important observations while using square wave frequencies with volunteers. He feels that the Rife machine does more than disable microbes in the body. In testing urine samples before and after 30 minutes of using it, in some volunteers he measured a change in body pH, from acidic to more alkaline or neutral. Many researchers believe that regulating the body’s pH is a very important factor in achieving good health and a strong immune system. A good analogy is that of a back yard hot tub. If the hot tub’s pH is maintained around neutral, microbial growth is inhibited, because a proper pH balance does not allow microbes to flourish.

2) Inhibit Microbial Growth
Rife believed that when you positively charged a growth medium for a microbe, he would inhibit the microbe’s growth in the medium. The converse is also true. Therefore, if the medium, or in this case our body, is positively charged, microbes will have a more difficult time replicating or flourishing inside us. On the other hand, if our body becomes negatively charged, we provide a more conducive environment for microbial growth. This seems to be confirmed by live blood analysis. One alternative health practitioner has seen dramatic changes in the blood cell condition, observable through a darkfield microscope.

3) Increase Oxygenation of Red Blood Cells
This brings us to another important reason why square wave technology seems to be so important. In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that cancer was anaerobic, in other words it occurs in the absence of free oxygen. Science then knew that cancer was caused by a lack of free oxygen in the body and therefore, whatever causes this to occur is the cause of cancer. Agglutinated red blood cells cannot deliver adequate amounts of oxygen to the various parts of the body. Red blood cells that are not agglutinated have a better ability to carry oxygen through out the body. Many believe having more oxygen will result in better health and less cancer. Since using square wave frequencies seems to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, perhaps this is why these frequencies appear to support acheiving and maintaining a healthy status.


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  1. Karma
    April 29, 2011 at 1:25 am
  2. February 18, 2012 at 4:31 am

    This is very true especially from the various researches I have also carried out. Dr. Royal Rife was not wrong with his first invention of the Royal Rife Machine but kindly note that this is not a substitute to a doctor’s prescription but a compliment. Thanks

    • March 1, 2016 at 7:37 pm

      You have a good point. But anything that doesn’t vibrate in sync with your body, which would be a prescription, just causes more work for any alternative therapy. The alternative therapy will focus on the prescription as well as any pathogen or bacteria in your body. So if you take a prescription during an energy medicine session you’ve doubled the workload of the alternative therapy. That’s just a fact it’s not good or bad. Prescription medicine doubles the load that a machine has to do and that would include the load your body has to do. Medicine, in the form of prescription is not a natural thing, it comes from a natural thing, but it’s been deviated from its natural form in order to get a patent

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