Why ‘Earthing’ May Help Lyme Disease

Have you ever heard of ‘Earthing’? I had heard some positive things about this therapy for treating a wide range of ailments/illnesses, especially those that are inflammatory in nature, and so I purchased some of the “equipment” earlier in the year that one would use for this. Basically, this guy, Clint Ober, began making these products because of an experience he had in Sedona, Arizona…

From: Earthing.com

“In 1998, a retired cable TV executive named Clint Ober sat on a park bench in Sedona, Arizona. As he watched the passing parade of tourists, it occurred to him that almost everybody — him included — wore synthetic plastic or rubber soled shoes. He wondered if such footwear, which had increasingly replaced leather since the 1960s, could impact health.

“The question surfaced because plastic or rubber soles would insulate people from the natural electrical surface charge of the Earth known in the electrical world simply as “ground.” All electrical systems in our homes, businesses, and industries, are stabilized and protected by the Earth’s “ground.”

“He wondered if this energy field could also protect the health of the body. Mr. Ober didn’t know it at the time, but that one simple question would set in motion years of investigation — continuing to this day — that have resulted in multiple scientific studies involving biophysicists, electrophysiologists, medical doctors, and exercise physiologists. The studies have produced a resounding “yes” to his original question and uncovered fascinating evidence demonstrating that direct connection to the Earth’s ground energy has a powerful and positive influence on the delicate balance between health and illness, and the prospect of living longer and better. For more information on these findings, visit the website www.earthinginstitute.net…”

What is Earthing?

“…Earthing is about “grounding” your body to naturally discharge inflammation, pain and stress. It’s simple and it’s free. All you have to do is place your bare feet directly on the earth. The Earthing products offered on this site are for “use” to conveniently ground you while indoors and during sleep.”

So, after I purchased a few of the Earthing products (not terribly expensive), I tried it for two days and felt a bit weird, and so I put it aside as I was on antibiotics and didn’t know what was causing what – thinking of trying it again. Just wanted to share the knowledge! You can purchase a book on Earthing through their site or on Amazon.


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4 comments for “Why ‘Earthing’ May Help Lyme Disease

  1. justine limbert
    September 24, 2011 at 5:23 am

    Hey Dani,
    i have just read your latest post on grounding and i felt soooo excited. I can say i do ground myself and feel sooooo much better for it. I attend a fabulous place called The Sanctuary of Healing, its an amazing place. We use alternative treatments, one being the Rife. Theragem, Casa and spiritual healing are also other healing therapies i use. I was advised to walk bare foot on the ground and feel the energy from the earth, and it feels so good.I do it whilst i walk my dog. I was also advised to spend time in the garden. Spiritual healing also helps my energy field and helps me feel grounded.I must admitt when i have been outside in the garden i feel, more energised and happier.
    At the minute i am reading Brian Rosners book, The top 10 lyme disease treatments. I am rifing also, and getting some bad bad herx’s. I hope the rife is still working well for you. Thankyou again for all the helpful info you post.
    Take care

    • Danielle
      September 25, 2011 at 4:15 pm

      Hi Justine,
      Wow – that is awesome to hear it is helping you and that center sounds wonderful 🙂 Very cool, and thank you for sharing! Aaah, yes, the herxes. I am still doing well with the Rife although I still have some pretty bothersome symptoms, and so am always open to trying other things, provided they resonate with me, to hopefully accelerate the healing, etc.

  2. August 4, 2014 at 12:03 am

    January 9, 2013 7:35 pm I know I need to garden! I’m about to redo my enrite backyard and my neighbor has a degree in horticulture and is also a stay at home mom so I might pick her brain about it (or I’ll just steal from hers lol).

  3. August 4, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    January 9, 2013 4:27 am You know what this reminds me of, in Pretty Woman movie there is a part where she makes the guy take off his shoes and walk on the grass baorefot to make him relax….there’s definitely something to this.

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