Using the gating feature when rifing with a GB4000

I just started using what is called “gating” when experimenting with my Gb4000 rife machine, and I can definitely feel a difference – I had a small herx for the first time in a while since beginning with the rife machine, and I even feel a bit better now overall after having come out of it.

Gating means running a secondary frequency in the background of whatever other frequency(s) I am running.  Gating is designed to affect the wave form creating sharp voltage spikes that disrupts the organisms more. These sharp voltage spikes can change the harmonics of lower frequencies.

What I do to use this feature is once the machine is on, I hit the “gate” button and then when an option to hit number 1 or 2 comes up, I hit number 1.  Then I proceed using the machine how I have always been – entering the different frequencies and such.  You need to turn the gating function on every time you turn the machine on if you want to run a frequency or an auto-program with gating as it is not saved as on when you turn the machine off.


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  1. Andrew
    February 9, 2012 at 11:52 pm


    I am trying to figure out what to set the Gate at when running frequency 432, or Autochannels for Lyme. I just put it on 1030, and left it on there because i don’t know much about it.
    How do you decipher where the Gate needs to be. I want maximum spikes for any one frequency; and I want to know how to figure it out. Is there an equation>?


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