Updated List of My Vitamin Supplements

Hi All!
I wanted to post an update to what I currently supplement with. I had been experiencing hair loss for about a year two years ago and I was worried it was due to Lyme so I started experimenting with my supplement protocol and ever since adding a few thing it has completely stopped for the most part (fingers crossed!). Please see below for what I take at present in the morning each day:

Selenium (50-100 mcg) 1xday in the form of selenomethionine (NOW brand). I take this first thing in the morning with water before eating or drinking anything else as it is very important to not have anything interfere with its absorption. This is my #1 supplement. I can’t live without it, literally! You should not take vitamin C within 2 hours of taking this as it will diminish it’s effects in the body. Selenium is amazing. Just look up all it’s benefits. It is key in helping your body clear out toxins and heavy metals.

Zinc 15mg 1xd ay
Vitamin D3 2,200iu (Solgar brand in veggie caps) 1x day
Vitmain k 2050mcg (Tri K Designs for Health brand). 1x day. You need to take Vitamins K & D with fat to absorb it
B1 15mg 1x day (Freeda Brand)
P5P Plus (with magnesium) 1 Capsule 1x day. Klaire Labs brand
Methyl Protect 1x day (Xymogen brand). It contains Riboflavin, Folate, Vitamin B12 and Trimethylglycine
Folate 400mcg (as calcium foliate – folinic acid) 1x day. Source Naturals Brand
Vitamin C powder in water or tea 1 tbsp/day (Freeda brand)


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  1. mike carney
    July 4, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Could research boron ,copper ,trace minerals ,magnesium oil , cucurimin bcm95 , immutol ,iodine ,bodybio liquid mineral kit ….I am or a glutenfree ,sugarfree ,organic diet …or I do as clean a diet as I can …..This bodybio has some very interesting products ….their VSL#3 probiotic,PC, and the mineral kit …there are several videos on there site ……

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