The GB4000 Rife Machine As My New Lyme Disease Treatment

So, it has been 3 weeks since I began experimenting with my Rife-type device – the GB4000 – and I wanted to share with you my experience thus far.

I had been told by my doctor as well as others using these rife machines to treat their Lyme, co-infections and other chronic illnesses, that people typically have stronger Herxheimer reactions with the Rife than they do with antibiotics, and therefore one should ease into the treatment, starting at a very low power level and shorter durations of treatment times. Note: Herxheimer comes from the term “Jarisch-Herxheimer” reaction which is a temporary worsening of one’s symptoms due to the killing of organisms and, thus, an increase of toxins circulating in the body. Let me tell you, I had a few days when I first started treating that were pretty scary – my vertigo got oh much much worse for about 2 days and I felt extraordinarily light headed. BUT, once that passed, I noticed a slight overall benefit – which has maintained itself!!

Now, I have not used the machine every day, and I have not even added the amplifier that one needs to use to really knock out these infections (hopefully), and, yet, I am already seeing a subtle benefit in my persistent and maddening symptoms: My balance is a bit better; I have more energy; the vibrating sensation I have in my limbs has lessened; and the immense pressure in my head has lessened a touch although my brain fog is stubbornly unrelenting so far. I would say that is as close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen!

Here are the frequencies I am using initially, and this is with the GB4000 in Audio mode (I will switch to Radio mode when I add the amplifier):

Lyme 432Hz and 2016 Hz
Bartonella 832Hz (treat day and night)
Giardia 598 Auto-channel (an auto-channel is a pre-programmed set of frequencies. A list of auto-channels comes with the purchase of the hand rods and foot plates you use with the machine)

At this point, I am still only turning the power knob half-way to the right as I want to ease into this treatment and lessen the likelihood of very strong herxes.

A few cautionary pointers for when you are using the GB4000:

• You MUST MAKE SURE that when you turn the machine ON, that the knob that controls the power intensity is turned all the way OFF (all the way to the left) or else you can get a major jolt of power that you will not be too happy about experiencing.
• The cotton covers that go over the steel handles and foot plates need to be moistened with water or else you will not get conductivity which is what you need for this to work.
• NEVER touch the hand rods together or the foot plates when the power is on or you can SHORT the machine and would then have to send it in to be repaired.
• ALWAYS use a surge protector to plug the machine into in order to protect the GB4000 from voltage spikes.
• Go slowly. Wait a day or two after each treatment session initially in order to see how your body reacts as you can have a delayed reaction (herxheimer). Listen to your body and treat when you feel you can tolerate it. Going faster will not necessarily get you well faster.


1 comment for “The GB4000 Rife Machine As My New Lyme Disease Treatment

  1. Chris Higginson
    September 19, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Hi Danielle,

    I am considering getting a GB4000 for a friend of mine who is suffering with Lyme’s, and I am wondering how you are feeling now and if your initial benefits have persisted?

    I have been using a multiwave oscillator with a large plasma ball and we have seen some good effects with that.

    I will appreciate any feedback from you, good ot bad.

    Thanks a lot


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