Rosmarinic Acid Really Seems To Be Helping With Inflammation!

I recently wrote about 3 new supplements for inflammation I started which are helping a bit with my vertigo and head pressure, etc., and here is some more information on one in particular that seems to be helping me – rosmarinic Acid.

Rosmarinic acid, which is found in herbs such as peppermint, thyme, and rosemary, reduces inflammation via NF-kappaB inhibition

From: Dr. Steve’s Banjo

“In the study…below, yet another medicinal plant with known efficacy in the treatment of inflammation was investigated. It turns out that rosmarinic acid is the principal active agent, and that it appears to reduce inflammation by inhibiting NF-kappaB activity. It also reduced the production of 5-LOX and TNF, each of which is often associated with inflammatory ailments such as arthritis. (5-LOX converts arachidonic acid into inflammatory leukotrienes – which are also associated with pain.) This further confirms the value of peppermint, and the rosmarinic acid found therein, as a potentially valuable agent in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions.”

J Ethnopharmacol.
2010 Apr 21;128(3):561-6. Epub 2010 Feb 10.
Identification of rosmarinic acid as the major active constituent in Cordia americana.
Geller F, Schmidt C, Göttert M, Fronza M, Schattel V, Heinzmann B, Werz O, Flores EM, Merfort I, Laufer S.
Source: Department of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, University of Tübingen, Germany.