Passion 4 Life Liquid Multivitamin Is Great

A little while back I began using the Passion 4 Life liquid multivitamin and am happy to be able to report that I am feeling a bit better overall since beginning! It has some of the basic vitamins you see in traditional multivitamins and then some other fruit and vegetable blends, as well as things such as liposomal resveratrol, noni, aloe vera, D-Ribose™, the prebiotic Fibersol-2®, VitaBerry® mix, and cat’s claw. It actually tastes pretty good too and is gluten, sugar and dairy free – how cool is that.

If you are interested in trying the product you can order it here

Well-known integrative doctor, Dr. Lee Cowden, lauds this product as well:

“I am writing to congratulate you on your formulation of the Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins. I started learning about nutritional therapy in 1975 when I was struggling with personal health challenges as a first year medical student at the University Of Texas Medical School At Houston. I had followed the advice of three medical school department chairmen, had gotten progressively worse, then followed the advice of my wife’s grandmother who was a self-taught nutritionist; then I got well. After getting my MD degree at UTMSH, then doing an internal medicine residency and a cardiology/critical care fellowship at St. Louis University Hospital Group in Missouri (all the while studying nutrition on my own), I became US board-certified in internal medicine and cardiology. After a few years, I focused my practice on integrative medicine, evaluating thousands of nutritional products for my patients. Now, as a full-time teacher of integrative medicine in my position as the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Academy Of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, I teach health practitioners in dozens of countries about nutrition. Your Passion 4 Life liquid vitamins product is formulated in a way that I would have formulated it if I had done it myself.”

I shy away from mentioning products specific products on here, but I really am feeling better on it. I only purchased one bottle which lasts a month, and it came to about 45 dollars with shipping (you can buy one or more bottles at a time on autoship which is less expensive). It isn’t an MLM company, it’s just that they make it more affordable if you purchase every month. Note that the bottle must be refrigerated after opening.

If you want to try Passion 4 Life, you can order it here


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