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Yesterday I contacted Dr. Stanley Monteith who runs Radio Liberty, a talk radio show, asking him if I could please post the awesome interview he did of Pamela Weintraub, author of the seminal book on Lyme disease, Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, on Lyme Land for you to listen to whenever you like. Dr. Monteith very graciously agreed.

Click on “Listen Here” below and the interview will begin to play.

Date: 04-22-10

8:00: Pamela Weintraub – Cure Unknown: Lyme Disease


* Something I learned from listening to the hour-long interview: Did you know that there are 5 subspecies of the spirochete (Borrelia) that causes Lyme disease? Well, people infected with one subspecies that is commonly found in Ixodes and Lone Star ticks, ticks found predominantly in the South, Midwest and up the North East, will NEVER test positive for Lyme because the spirochetes found in those ticks don’t have the same outer-surface proteins as the Borrelia Burgdorferi spirochete (the species of Borrelia most people associate with Lyme disease) to provoke a positive on the test. As well, according to Dr. Bob Lane – one of the experts in the world on the varieties of ticks and the strains of spirochetes – those infected with a lot of the spirochete strains found in California will never test positive on the test.

A bit more about Radio Liberty which is hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith: “Bringing you the Story behind the Story, the News behind the News. Hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at and illusion is usually king, but in the battle for the survival of Western civilization it will be reality and not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.”


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  1. May 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Looks great D- keep up the good work!

  2. August 3, 2014 at 7:23 am

    I *hate* ticks. One of those little dmnoes gave me Lyme disease when I used to go hiking every weekend, and I’ll never forgive it for making me go through that battery of blood tests for 2 months. Me, a needle-phobic person. It was awful. We have been thinking about switching to a natural tick repellent, hoping it will be as effective as the chemical brands. I just don’t like using such powerful chemicals on Daisy, nor do I like the idea of it getting on us. We’ll see. We’ll have to keep her hair short and check her over thoroughly after every outing. And keep our fingers crossed.

  3. August 4, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    Nice to have someone that undrastends my aversion to coffee! I always get laughed at when I have my can of diet coke for breakfast. Really though, what’s the difference?? Both are mainly sources of caffeine to wake us up for the day! Do you want to fly in an airplane one day? I’ve only flown a handful of times. Being up in the air is pretty amazing as long as you don’t overthink it. How does this huge, heavy chunk of metal say in the air?? I don’t mind flying, do mind airports.

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