Ondamed® Biofeedback Frequency Machine For Lyme Disease?

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I really love energy medicine lately and feel it is where cures for previously incurable diseases will be found. A few years ago, I read about a biofeedback frequency machine called ONDAMED® that was being used as treatment for both acute and chronic conditions, cancer and Lyme disease included. The FDA approved it as a non-invasive secondary therapeutic device for the treatment of various disorders to alleviate pain, discomfort or general enervation. In Europe the ONDAMED® System is CE certified as a Class II Medical Therapy Device. The device produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and “jump-start” cellular activities. The actress Susanne Sommers actually used the ONDAMED® machine as part of her recovery from cancer. In her book “Knockout” she writes the following: “I have had many Ondamed treatments. In fact, I attribute my ability to recover from the trauma I wrote about at the beginning of this book to this device. It rebalanced my energies and allowed my body to recover from the emotional and physical trauma.”

I had wanted to try it, but there were no practitioners nearby at that time for me to see, and so I didn’t pursue the idea. Just recently I came across mention of of the ONDAMED® for Lyme disease and was reading about some very positive results people were getting from using it. Some LLMDs are even recommending its use for Lyme disease, and a pretty well known LLMD a few hours away from me uses it in his practice. I am not sure if it is a cure per say, but it may greatly help the symptoms of the illness.

Although I am very pleased with how Rifing is going, I am interested in seeing if using the ONDAMED® machine could accelerate my healing, and I’m just plain curious either way. So, this morning I called a practitioner in the City near to where I live, and may go for a few sessions – my own ONDAMED® therapeutic trial! She said that the typical treatment time is 1/2 to 1 hour but many people only tolerate 1/2 hour (she charges $70 for a 1/2 hour session). In the meantime, here is some info for you (the main site has on the top right where you can search for practitioners in your area.

ONDAMED® http://www.ondamed.net/

Here is one Lyme patient’s remarkable experience with ONDAMED® http://www.apositivedirection.com/Lyne%20Jan08-Mike.pdf

Here is a recording of some Lyme doctors discussing the use of the ONDAMED® machine http://www.teleconferenceinfo.net/february08.html

Here is an excerpt from a website that explains further how the ONDAMED® device works.

What is Ondamed?
Ondamed is a machine that provides sound frequencies along with weak pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies to balance and support the various functions of the body. Relaxation, muscle re-education, rehabilitation and a state of general wellness is produced as a result.

Where Does Ondamed come from?
“Ondamed”, a Latin word meaning medical frequency waves, was invented by a German physicist, Rolfe Binder, in the 1990’s, who combined the electro-magnetic discoveries of Dr. Voll in the 1950’s, Royal Rife treatment of parasites in the 1930’s, Dr. Paul Nogier’s pulse theory of the 1970’s and those of ancient Chinese Medicine. Ondamed has 20+ years of research behind it in Germany. This innovative and effective medical system has been in the U.S. for approximately 7-8 years. More studies are being performed currently in the U.S. to establish Ondamed as an effective treatment for chronic pain, mood disorders, stroke victims, and many other conditions.

How does Ondamed work?
Ondamed is based on Chinese medical theory of meridians (highways of energy), which run through various organs and when blocked in certain areas can cause dysfunction, pain, inflammation and disease. Ondamed uses pulsed sound and electro-magnetic frequency waves to balance, harmonize and unblock meridians within the body. By unblocking certain pathways and providing Rife concepts of microbial frequency elimination, the body’s innate ability to fight microbes and infections, balance hormone function, detoxify, and to reduce inflammation and pain is heightened and supported.

“Conditions in the body that were once “stuck” or stagnant become activated as a result. Because Ondamed provides pulsed-frequencies, which may correlate to the frequencies of various microbes and toxins, the body has a chance to produce counter pulses in between the Ondamed pulses, thereby, accelerating and supporting functions of the immune, detoxing, hormonal, musculoskeletal, cognitive and non-cognitive systems and assisting the body in clearing the matrix.”

Go here to continue reading http://www.drdarvish.com/eastern-medicine/ondamed-biofeedback.html


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  1. fp
    November 6, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Curious, if you have continued these ondamed treatments and if it helped you..I have found your blog very helpful, as I am seeing Dr. Cooke in NYC and she has this machine. You are one brave strong woman…Thanks for sharing and supporting others–you’re an angel

  2. Danielle
    November 7, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Hi there,
    I did not continue with the Ondamed treatments as, while I felt it helped a touch overall, I just didn’t get that intuitive hit that it was right for me. As well, it did help a touch initially, but the marginal benefit was not enough for me to justify traveling to use it and paying the prices when I have a rife machine has helped so much. I also realized that the use of the Ondamed is really dependent upon the skill of the practitioner in identifying those frequencies are most important to use, and I didn’t get the sense my practitioner was overly skilled. Thank you so for your very kind words!

  3. March 6, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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  4. September 25, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Lyme can be treated with MMS1 (NaClO2, activated with citric acid).

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