GB4000 Rife Frequencies Learned from Online Lyme Discussions

Hi all!

I was poking around on some great Lyme forums recently and came across Lyme frequencies that are popular within the rife community for being effective and curative. I recently tried two of the suggested frequencies – frequency 10,000 hz along with 2016 hz – and noticed an immediate improvement in how I was feeling. Hopefully these help some 🙂 Please see below for what I found. I just cut and paste so forgive the incomplete sentences but you can skim through and pull what you need.

A Babs frx that seems to work well for me , i think, is 77824 , which is 76 times 2 to the 10th. I tried it just experimentally and i have the impression that it seems to work well.

The Lyme frx that seem to work for me are: sweep 39263 to 39274 (that’s the best one), sweep 39200 to 39230, sweep 6050 to 6150, etc.

I am not certain on this yet, but 840.6 Hz seems to take out cyst form.

And as I understand it 72 and 120 are arguably the 2 most popular parasite freqs


That 2016 Hz frequency was huge for me. It still is one if the best single Lyme frequency I have used.

Some people may need Bart Quintana: 357

Mycoplasma: Group 1 = 688, 690, 880.2, 254, 642, 644, 660, 690
Group 2 = 864, 986, 2,900, 688, 690, 880.2

Rife/Peters Lyme sweep – One interesting thing that Mr. Peters came up with was this giant sweep. This would also hit Lyme and about anything else you might have. Here is his quote. Run 3.1 carrier frequency and a sweep from 500 to 24,000 Hz over two hours or longer. This hits everything Rife ever tested. I would not recommend that long of a run time for a start, but something to work up to slowly.

Lyme frequencies recommended by doc (GB4000)
466, 467,468

Lyme frequencies with most results I’ve gathered from this group:
306, 432, 612, 2016

Lyme frequencies in my booklet (BCX Ultra):
9 different sets including Doug’s, none of which match.
864, 495,485-497, 408, 499, 500-505, 620, 610-628.

783 Hz

783 Hz would be the target frequency using the 44,600 carrier frequency. I personally would use a higher carrier that is closer to the range of some of Rife’s carrier frequencies.

If you use the lower carrier, sweep about 50 Hz on both sides of the 783Hz frequency.

Using the optional 1.6 MHz carrier for your machine, my sideband calculator gives 22,600 as the frequency for the original Rife Syphilis frequency.

A decent sweep would be 100 to 200 Hz on both sides of the higher 22,600 Hz Syphilis frequency.

The sweep is based off of this Syphilis frequency. The sweep is in case there is variation from the two organisms. I have found the Syphilis frequency quite accurate when used for Lyme, but I am using a tube based carrier device so the carrier wobbles a bit, which provides a small involuntary sweep.

I would use 832 Hz for Bartonella.

It is probably better to knock the Lyme down some before you concentrate too much on coinfections. That way you do not stress the body out so much. However, there are no hard and fast rules on how to go about it.

I should also note that the original Rife frequencies work by the interaction of the carrier frequency and the second frequency. Each need to be matched for it to work. The ones I gave you are matched for each other. Other non-Rife frequencies are based on one frequency and the carrier is just used for penetration.

The 832 Hz frequency for Bart is a single type frequency. The carrier frequency does not matter for this.

I would use gating, or pulsing is the term the BCX people use. 50% duty cycle and a gating frequency of 100 Hz or so.

Good luck.
The two best I have used are 612 Hz and 2016 Hz.

One day at a time.. I would recommend going after Lyme then adding in Bart and or Babesia to begin with.

We all have gotten overwhelmed more then once. I personally don’t use more then 1 or 2 freqs to treat a pathogen other then lyme I do use 3.

Running the R/P/P sweep I believe will hit much of everything depending on your span of sweep. It may be a good thing to add in early on as I now look back.

There are a lot of different paths out there as I had told you yesterday when we spoke. I’m a believer in Dan’s path because I know first hand it has worked for me.

You asked me to post the settings for the GB 4000 so here they are.. I believe the newer GB’s are defaulted to these settings along with any recently updated machines. These settings are good with or without the MOPA.

1. Press> Gate Press> 3 Set Rate 1000 Press> Enter.

2. You should now see the Duty Cycle set at 50 Press Enter.

3. Push the Period Button Set Duty Cycle to 90 Hit Enter.

You can delete any numbers by using the back space then re enter the number needed.

My Rife Peters Protocol 6470 hz-6740 hz Sweep

Lyme 6600
Lyme 432×15=6480
Lyme 612×11=6732

Bart 832×8=6656

Anaplasma 387×17=6579

Erlichia 395×17=6715

Xmrv 448×14=6720

CPN 479×14=6706

Candida 464×14=6496

C Diff 387×17=6579

Myco Pneumonia 660×10=6600

72×92=6624 and 120×55=6600 Hulda Clarke says that these two frequencies kill 90% of all parasites

I wanted to point out although I could not use 5000 hz because of the bad effects I would get from it 10,000 hz was my best friend! It always lessoned my herx’s by about 50% and took away about 90% if not all the eye and head pressure I would get when rifing Bart.

For the most part I rifed Lyme using 612hz, 432 hz and 2016 hz (single freqs) 3 days aweek and then I ran the R/P/P sweep on most off days. I’m not sure we need to rife that much but that is what I did up until just recently.

I was told that Dr. Rife treated his patients only every 3 days and had over 80% success rates in doing so.

Here are the number sets based ivermectin treatment

Strongyloids 332 422 721 732 749 942 3212 441
( threadworms genus of roundworms )
Secondary 380 698 752 776 722 738 746 1113
Trichinosis 101 641 822 1054 1372
Ascaris 152 442 8146 751 1146 797
Filariose ( worms in blood and organs of mammals , larvae passed from biting insects 112
Enterobiasis pinworms 20 120 773 826 827 835 4152
Heartworm 543 2322 200 535 1077 799
Parasite Blood 847 867 635 329 419 635 7391 5516 9889


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