FREE E-Book: The Investigation Of Electromedicine

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a man who makes very reasonably priced electromedicine devices that are being used successfully by those with various illnesses and medical conditions. In speaking, he related his own healing journey through the application of certain electromedicine devices, and shared with me a great e-book he wrote to help others, entitled “The Investigation of Electromedicine”, whereby he examines electromedicine and its usefulness in treating “incurable diseases”.

The book is entirely free and you can get it here now. Even better, it really is free; you don’t have to give your name or email or even have to download it – the link takes you right to the book:

Here is a brief introduction:

“Read this rediscovery of information somewhat “lost” since the early 1900’s. This book lets you investigate for yourself whether electromedicine devices are as useful against infectious disease as pioneers such as Royal Rife and Robert Beck have said they are.

“This book reveals their personal journeys of research and device development, as well as the supporting scientific discoveries documented in various medical device patents. Available also are easy do-it-yourself construction plans for each of the 8 devices. With these devices you might join the long list of people who have already posted on the internet their story of disease reversal by use of these devices. This book lists over 60 success stories that will motivate you to do your own personal investigation into this little known means of therapy.”

Don’t forget to read the book here, Free!