Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) Saunas For Treating Lyme Disease & Other Chronic Illnesses

I was writing to a new friend of mine in Sweden today, and, in discussing with him alternative treatments for Lyme disease, I remembered that my LLMD had told me that the best two “alternative” treatments he has seen for Lyme disease and other infections (meaning, these are the two that have gotten the most people better outside of antibiotics or in conjunction with antibiotics) are the Rife machine (GB4000 & Doug Coil machines being the ones with the most positive feedback) and Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) Saunas.

Which FIR Sauna To Choose?

Now, although excited about the idea of the FIR sauna, I was concerned about getting something where the wood was treated in formaldehyde or other noxious chemicals, plus whatever other toxic glues, etc. are used to build many of these. However, through some research I happened upon a company called Heavenly Heat Saunas that custom builds saunas that are made for the chemically sensitive. I ended up speaking with the owner of the company, Bob, who was really helpful and such a nice guy! His saunas are used in many healthcare centers and one in particular you may know of is The Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas. You really need to be careful about whom you purchase a FIR sauna from if you are concerned about the chemicals used in making them as well as the quality of the sauna as it seems that many sauna companies make unfounded claims as to the quality of their products.

One of the FIR saunas Heavenly Heat offers looked to me to be the best option as it has both the FIR heaters as well as hot stones that you pour water over which is the traditional way saunas have been used, especially in Europe. When water is poured over the hot stones, you get the salubrious effect of negative ions.

At the time of my investigating the FIR saunas, I had to choose between purchasing a FIR sauna and a Rife machine as both are a few thousand dollars, and so I went with the Rife machine. However, I may revisit the FIR sauna as I have heard of so many people for whom this therapy has helped tremendously.

Here is a good discussion on FIR saunas in general and FIR saunas and Lyme disease: