Dr. Cindee Garder, Renowned Homeopath & Herbalist For Lyme Disease

A young woman I know with Lyme disease and co-infections just started a homeopathic and essential oils treatment from an internationally renowned homeopathic consultant, Dr. Cindee Gardner: http://www.cindeegardner.com/ Apparently, Dr. Gardner can consult with you over the phone, so you don’t need to actually visit her. The girl I know is very enthusiastic about homeopathy for Lyme and the protocol she was given by Dr. Gardner, and is starting to feel like a new person – sans Lyme and Co.! Note that she has also been using the Doug Coil rife machine for over a year, but the homeopathic remedies seem to be accelerating her healing tremendously, pushing her over that wellness threshold. She had tried self treating with Deseret Biologicals homeopathic remedies, and was having much success, but felt like she needed a real plan tailored specifically to her by an actual homeopath without her having to just guess at how to treat herself with homeopathy.

Click here to view the video she made on her Lyme blog: “Starting homeopathic protocol from Lyme from Dr. Cindee Gardner”