Day 1 of Bartonella Homeopathic Series

*7/20/11 I stopped the homeopathic series as I started going for Ondamed treatments and wanted to be able to assess which was efficacious. I will revisit the homoepathy in the future if needed!

I literally just took the first homeopathic vial in the Deseret Biologicals Bartonella Series, and wanted to let you know as I will be sharing my progress with you on here. I was never tested for Bartonella, but my doc said that the blood tests only look for a few strains of the bacteria, and that it misses a large percentage of people infected, and so it is possible I could have this Lyme co-infection. Bartonella is the bacteria most commonly known as being transmitted to humans by some cats, the result often being “cat scratch fever”, but ticks can carry and transmit this bacteria to a person/animal as well.

This homeopathic kit is to be taken for 30 days, one vial every 3 days, each increasing in potency. Once the 30 days is up, if I have noticed benefit I will repeat the kit, this time going from vial 10-1 instead of 1-10 as this is the instructions I was given. They say to expect a herxheimer (worsening of symptoms) between the 2nd and 4th vial – that is, if I am targeting the right organism. I plan on doing the Borrelia kit as well from this company, but I didn’t want to do two at once.

In theory, it would be prudent for me to actually consult with a homeopath before embarking on this, and may very well in the future. There is a homeopath by the name of Dr. Lynne Paige Walker in California who I have read good reviews about from the Lyme community and I believe she does phone appointments as well.

To read more about the kits I am taking, the protocol, and to hear another young woman speak of her experience with these homeopathic kits for her Lyme and co-infections, go here on my blog


2 comments for “Day 1 of Bartonella Homeopathic Series

  1. Jason
    January 31, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    How did the Bartonella homeopathics work out?

    • Danielle
      February 1, 2012 at 11:51 am

      Hi Jason,
      I never continued with it as I ended up trying the Ondamed biofeedback device and didn’t want to do two therapies at once. I did not revisit the homeopathic remedies – felt like I should just continue experimenting with the rife machine alone.
      Best in health,

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