Why Was This Major Lyme Disease Study Hidden For 12 Years?

Wow – if the results of this study were purposely suppressed, that just makes me really ticked off!

From : LymePolicyWonk

“The recently published monkey study by Embers and colleagues regarding the persistence of Lyme after antibiotic treatment is important for two distinct reasons. The first is because of the scientific results of the study, explained in a 5-part article I posted on this blog last week. (Links follow this post.) The second, more troubling reason, is because publication of this important research was delayed for over a decade. And that delay has seriously harmed Lyme patients…

“…The monkey trials found that the bacteria that cause Lyme disease persist after 90 days in monkeys treated for chronic Lyme disease.  Further, the antibody tests used to diagnose Lyme fail to detect disease in late Lyme at least 50% of the time. Why are these findings important?  Well, the 2006 Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Lyme guidelines rely heavily on the Klempner study to deny persistent infection and, consequently, antibiotic treatment for patients. After all, why treat an infection that doesn’t exist?  The IDSA guidelines also require that patients have a positive lab test to be diagnosed (and treated) for Lyme disease—lab tests that Embers shows miss 50% of late Lyme disease cases.”

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