The ProTickMe Tick Removal Kit from Mainely Ticks is Pretty Awesome!

Last month I shared with you a new Lyme Disease identification, tick removal & submission kit – ProTickMe – recently made available by the company Mainely Ticks as an educational initiative. Well, Bob Maurais, one of the designers, so generously sent me a ProTickMe kit as well as a Lyme disease educational poster for my review. Thanks Bob!

Wow, what can I say other than you really should have one of these compact lifesavers around at all times – a sort of Lyme disease first aid kit. They designed the ProTickMe kit so brilliantly that the entire kit can easily fit in a purse, backpack or even a large back pocket. It includes precision magnified tweezers, tick identification guides, tick submission vials and a great little 16 panel educational pamphlet. Best to be prepared with this kit at your side and thwart a possible debilitating infection with Lyme disease and the other nasty co-infections ticks can transmit to a host (You!).

So get one here; you’ll be glad you did.