Some People With Lyme Are Reporting Having Symptoms Of Morgellons Disease Too, But What Is Morgellons?

If you’ve been researching Lyme disease or its many possible co-infections, you may have come across the term Morgellons disease, and may not know what the disease is or if you can also get if from ticks. A growing number of those suffering with this disease are speaking out and prompting some doctors and scientists in the medical community to take a closer look into the disease as Morgellons is a poorly understood condition that is often associated with Lyme.


What is “Morgellons”..?

Morgellons Disease is also referred to as the ‘Fiber Disease’ and is, as yet, unrecognized by the medical community. Thousands who have registered report remarkably similar symptoms, generally involving lesions and fibers developing in the skin.

Is it contagious..?

It is difficult to say whether Morgellons is contagious. Many patients have family members who exhibit no symptoms whatever. On the other hand, many entire families have reported becoming infected at or near the same time. At this juncture, it remains unclear if these households with multiple infected members reflect contagion, due to human-to-human transmission, or some type of mutual exposure.

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