ProTickMe: New Lyme Disease Identification, Removal & Submission Kit!

There is a really neat Lyme disease kit now available through a company called Mainely Ticks which they have aptly titled “ProTickMe“.

“The ProTickMe identification, removal and submission kit features an educational pamphlet outlining the life cycle of deer ticks, personal protection strategies, landscape modifications, proper use of repellents, tick-borne disease symptoms and diagnosis/treatment protocols. In addition to the comprehensive pamphlet, the kit also includes: magnified fine point tweezers; two tick submission vials to safely transport removed ticks for identification by physicians, veterinarians, or for pathogen analysis; Tick Identification Guide with removable key tag for key chains; Tick Identification magnet for the home; tick removal and submission information card; adhesive strips, alcohol and antiseptic wipes and a zippered nylon pouch for keeping kit contents at home or on-the-go.

“The ProTickMe kits were designed by Bob and Barb Maurais, professional educators who develop and deliver educational materials and programs for Mainely Ticks. “If you’ve ever removed a tick from yourself, a child or a pet, you know how important it is to have the right tools available immediately, whether at home or on the trail,” comments Bob Maurais. “The longer a deer tick is attached, the greater the chances of contracting Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.” 1

Mainely Ticks is based out of Southern Maine and is a small family-owned pest control business. Get your ProTickMe kit here!

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