Lyme Induced Autism – One Family’s Incredible Story

I just spoke with a young father of a beautiful little boy with Lyme induced autism, and asked if he wouldn’t mind my sharing with you this highly informative and very moving video he put together as a kind of diary to document not just the devastation chronic Lyme has had on his family, but also to help get the word out that, with the proper diagnosis and treatment, there is hope for children with Lyme induced autism!

Please Share This Video & Help Spread The Word

If you feel as moved as I was when I watched their little son’s battle with Lyme induced autism, please share this video with as many people as possible – especially any families you may know who have children with the diagnosis of autism – as this gift of knowledge can save a life.

The family has since created a website, “Our Lyme Autism Journey” – check it out!

**If you have any questions for this family regarding Lyme induced Autism, please send me a message in the contact form in the About Me/Contact Link above and I will send you their email address (his father said he would be happy to speak with you!) or visit their site here.**


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