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  1. JasonMChicago
    October 7, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    My answer “Yes.” I’m very convinced that all these chronic conditions that have “no cause, no cure” such as autism, fibro, cfs, ms, bipolar, schiz… are all Lyme.

    I see it again and again and I see people who had a “short bout” with Lyme develop on of these other ones. My guess is that it is the original Lyme.

    I usually don’t say it out loud… but Yes it’s all Lyme+coinfections+parasites.

  2. JasonMChicago
    October 20, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Parasites and Lyme really DO AFFECT the brain in small and big ways. My brain was a total mess but my sister’s isn’t that bad… but her judgement is messed up. She has Lyme. Super obvious. A alt doctor, a dentist, and I all can see it. She took the damn ELISA test and got a negative and now is only starting to consider that she has Lyme. She’s one that “doesn’t want to believe it.”

    The bugs have affected her brain. She says “so what, some people live with Lyme their whole lives” to my mother. Yes they do but why would you want to? It is progressive and gets worse with time… unless you aggressively treat it and knock it out. Yes, super hard but it can be done. She is refusing to listen… and says that she doesn’t need to “lock herself away” and get treatment. I’m like duh.. do you think anyone here really want to be in intense treatment? That’s why we are telling you NOW. Your pains are still manageable you have CFS, Fibro, TMJ, anxiety type pains that have not BLOWN UP yet! You work a high stress job, walk a lot, do all your daily activities. Don’t mess it up this is your chance to get well!!!

    I will NEVER go back to doing things the way I did before. Lyme+ isn’t so fun (let’s be honest it is totally crazy)… but it does give you perspective on what’s important. What really matters and gives you skills you can use your whole life on how to listen to your body and nurture it. I don’t think I would have known any of this had it not been for Lyme. I mean it was “do or die” so it was a “have to, not a want to” to figure everything out. I will never eat junk food again, get silver fillings, get vaccines for myself or my family, eat GMOs, take pres. drugs, etc. I will nurture my liver, lymph, gut, brain, and connective tissue for as long as I live. I’ve also learned that you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. I’m still focusing on me – have to because I’m still getting better.

    The person needing help may be someone on a messageboard, in the doctors office with “CFS,” or a neighbor with “Fibro” or even your own sister with “aches, pains, anxiety, TMJ, gut problems, and joint issues.” I guess everyone’s time will come to want to get better… but until then you can remind them about their options.

    Thanks Danielle for letting me write on this blog… I come back here because it is positive and filled with good info.


  3. Heinz J. Mensing
    October 24, 2012 at 11:49 am

    NO! Certainly not!
    I am an MD who had the chance to do a lot of research (“data mining”) on disease causes over the last two decades. So I can tell with confidence that OTHER causes have been found for several of the illnesses listed. I will name a few:

    Rheumatoid arthritis: this has been clarified by immunologist Prof. Alan Ebringer et al. from King’s College / London, from a LANCET-paper in 1985 onward. The cause seems to be a ?chronic upper UTI (probably in the renal pelvis) with Proteus mirabilis, promoting a “molecular mimicry” process in persons with a genetic predisposition. (All the papers can be found by a simple PubMed search for Ebringer-A – it’s a rare name…)
    (Mino- and doxycycline are effective for such P.mirabilis UTIs, although that is denied by many sources…)

    Reiter’s syndrome: If I recall correctly it is caused by a chlymydial UTI, which of course will respond to proper antibiotic therapy.

    Diabetes: In the first place you have to differentiate between several distinct types. Most common ist Type2: that is caused by stored iron in the body (probably in combination with a number of different predisposing genetic mutations), cf for example Facchini & Saylor, Ann NY Acad Sci 2002, among many other studies with a similar conclusion, as well as lots of genetic studies.

    “Cardiovascular disease”: That is not “a disease” but a huge group of disorders / diseases!!! Just 3 examples:
    — “Primary” hypertension can more or less be “cured” by depleting stored iron (cf Facchini & Saylor 2002, see quote above), which has been done successfully since ancient times.
    — Cardiac arrythmias: probably in many cases is caused by cardioborreliosis, which can be cured by cheap doxycycline (which is cheap: try – if cured an “ex juvantibus” diagnosis is warranted…)
    — DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy): at least part of the cases is caused by B.burgdorferi (cf R.Gasser et al. from Graz / Austria) – ignored by his fellow cardiologists… I am sure that iron storage is a very important factor, which can explain why some 5x more men than women need heart transplantation from DCI (most of those transplanted are of relatively young age, where iron storage on average is much higher in men than in women).

    Dementia / Alzheimer’s: cf recent papers by Dr. Judith Miklossy from Switzerland. But B.burgdorferi is NOT the ONLY cause for late dementia; I suspect iron acccumulation in the CNS as a very important cause also. So become a blood donor in young years to protect against hypertension (a known risk factor for dementia!), type2 diabetes, cardiac insufficiency and much more, including neurodegeneration / dementia at old age.

    Parkinson: cf Willy Kohlhepp et al. 1989 as well as Roland Martin’s chapter on Neuroborreliosis in Weber / Burgdorfer “Aspects of Lyme Disease” 1993 – unfortunately forgotten in the meantime, as it seems. — Iron accumulation in the S.nigra seems to be a central cause, cf. Daniela Berg et al. during recent years (as in many other neurodegenerative diseases, most probably including dementia, which may develop from Parkinson’s).

    MS: Spirochetes / most probably borreliae have been found and photographed / documented some 8 decades ago by Prof. Gabriel Steiner, at the University of Heidelberg / Germany: Cf “Die multiple Sklerose”, Springer, Heidelberg… 1962, that is just half a century ago right now! Neurologists, but also practically all patients ignore this extremely competent work over decades by R.Steiner. Of course the billions earned from patented drugs used in MS (with little use in most cases…) could not be earned if oral doxycycline would prove to do it better for almost no cost…

    Once more: Stop proving own incompetence by posting such absurd lists, claims – it is counterproductive because it arouses anger by scientifically oriented doctors, does not help the cause of propper diagnostics and causally oriented therapy!
    We have to study every single disease entity for its cause(s) and test the findings by therapy studies oriented against the cause. (Start thinking! Just an example: someone develops hypertension – ceftriaxone should abolish it, if it was caused by B.burgdorferi. It does NOT! Doxy won’t cure hypertension either! But a series of phlebotomies to deplete iron stores will do – in case of “red” hypertension -, as successfully done over millenia. — Or dementia in an early stage: if doxycycline ALONE would stop it that would have been recognized long ago. You have to get rid of the iron “surplus” in the brain and in the body, as has been suggested by the study published by Crapper McLachlan et al. from Toronto in THE LANCET in 1991 with desfer(ri)oxamine – and ignored to this day by neurologists and patients / caregivers…)

    I am confident that we could relieve and avoid a lot of suffering by just using what already has been found and published, researching with the help of PubMed, as I have done for 2 decades by now. But each disease at a time!
    Heinz J. Mensing from Tuebingen / Germany

  4. Peter
    May 11, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    No, not even close (“when all you have is a hammer…”). But, most if not ALL chronic diseases are caused by some type of sub-clinical, chronic infection.

    It is not too hard to make the connection between microbes and their “inexplicablle” chronic diseases. Start for instance from geographic distribution, and then analyze most frequent infectios diseases there. Also analysis of patient’s medical history can reveal a lot.

    For instance:

    – AIDS sufferers all had Syphilis at some point. Treatments with high doses of Penicillin have successfully cleared all AIDS symptoms (Read the book by Dr. Stephen Caiazza “AIDS and Syphilis”). In addition, HIV does not always result in AIDS, and not all AIDS cases are positive for HIV. Conclusion: AIDS is not caused by HIV but by T. pallidum (and worsened by co-infections such as fungal infections).

    – Multiple Sclerosis is caused by Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis. Argentina had no MS cases until British who have a high incidence brought it in. Italian island of Sardinia has the highest incidence of both M. avium paratuberculosis in diary animals, as well as highest incidence of MS in general population.

    – Arthritis – hard to tell, but it is obviously an intracellular organism because most people report improvement after therapy with Clarythromycin

    – Allergies – most likely a parasite.

    – Most heart disease is helped by depletion of Iron because most spirochetes bind iron (non heme iron). Hence, taking artemisinin helps a great deal. It destroys iron-binding microbes (e.g. P. falcuparum).

    – Schizophrenia – T. gondii. People with cats (mice and cats are vectors) have higher incidence. Identical twins have lower rate of concordance than for flu, making it obvious that it is not a genetic disease.

    – Diabetes – one of the spyrochetes (H.pylori?). It is proven that spyrochetes destroy pancreas, especially those cells which produce insulin.

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