In The Lyme-Light: One Artist’s Paintings and Notes on Lyme Disease and Healing

As of late, a reader of My Lyme Disease Treatment, Jason, has been sharing some great thoughts on here regarding Lyme disease (and healing in general) in the comments section of various blog posts. On my post about Advanced Cell Training (ACT), we spoke about the mind-body connection and the healing from chronic illnesses conundrum, and Jason quoted an artist and teacher he met by the name of Emily Bracale:

Jason said, “Along my journey I met this artist w/Lyme who said it best ‘A paradox is that for most people with chronic Lyme, the disease is, quite literally, in their heads: swarming colonies of tunnel-drilling spiral-shaped bacteria are wreaking havoc with their brains. This isn’t something any of us can cure by simply cultivating a positive attitude.'”

Emily’s website, In the Lyme-Light: Portraits of Healing and Illness documents in part her personal journey with Lyme disease through beautiful paintings and notes. She has also written a book that shares not only her paintings, but her road to healing via a combination of traditional and alternative medical approaches. You can purchase her book here:


1 comment for “In The Lyme-Light: One Artist’s Paintings and Notes on Lyme Disease and Healing

  1. JasonMChicago
    February 15, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    Glad you liked the artwork Danielle. The “Path of Recovery” is my favorite. There is a point where you start to see some more color in life… and it hits a tipping point where “things are getting better” is the truth and not just a saying. I celebrate even the smallest victories… and just keep going.

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