How Lyme Disease Sickened The Banking Titan JPMorgan

JPMorgan Chase’s $2B Bug: How Lyme Disease Sickened The Banking Industry Titan
By Joseph Orovic, The International Business Times, United States Edition, New York, NY

May 20, 2012 or

The $2 billion-and-counting derivatives-trading debacle at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) may be traced back to misplaced trust and — a case of Lyme disease?

Two extensive reports — one by the New York Times and the other by the Wall Street Journal — trace the deterioration of JPMorgan Chase’s once-disciplined corporate culture and its aftermath. They lay bare a top-down hierarchy characterized by misplaced trust and growing hubris that fueled a power struggle during a leadership vacuum. And it all began when now-retired Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew was frequently absent as she battled a case of Lyme disease.

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2 comments for “How Lyme Disease Sickened The Banking Titan JPMorgan

  1. JasonMChicago
    June 1, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Sounds like Lyme doesn’t discriminate agains classes! : ) This is one persistent disease. I’ve been at it fully force and geez it puts up a good fight. I remember reading somewhere – a recoverer said, “Lyme is raw, relentless, and will back you in a corner and show you what you’re made of.” SO true. I’ve been tested again and again. I’ve grown a lot, learned to love life, and learned the importance of what’s important. Took some crazy bugs to teach me that. I’ve had two milestone:

    1- Got my brain back! No more anxiety, WAY better sleep, very little brain problems.

    2- I’m not going to die (yeah this was second I needed my brain back to realize that 🙂

    Still regaining some nerve, muscle, joint health and could improve on my sleep. The thing is this is with doing MANY things everyday and having a super strict diet.

    One tenacious set of bug… I must say if I wasn’t living through it I would NEVER understand. What needs to be on the cover of the NY Times is personal stories so people know what this disease is about, can self-diagnos early, and can get going on treatments early. Maybre the JP morgan gal brings awareness but I felt like I knew a lot more about Gulf War Syndrome, Alzheimers, even Lupus or Fibromyalgia than I did about Lyme. I knew NOTHING about Lyme at the time… that’s what’s missing. Also people should not even talk about the BullEye’s because it confuses people. The SYMPTOMS are important, people are running around saying “I didn’t get a bull’s eye” and again missing out valuable time treating this things.

    VERY strange disease… but I’ve learned so much about health that I feel doctors don’t even know about (lymph? liver health? etc.)

    Jason M.
    Chicago, IL

  2. bl8ant
    June 16, 2012 at 12:23 am

    what goes around comes around…

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