Documentary to See – “Under Our Skin”

This documentary has been winning awards on the independent film circuit and made the Emmy short list last year for best documentary. Learn about the worldwide silent Lyme epidemic (now not as silent thanks to this documentary and the fearless Lyme sufferers and advocates who are trying to bring more awareness to others about the truth – the harsh realities – of Lyme disease).

Even as someone who is suffering with the illness, I found it fascinating and learned a lot. This is anything but a dry pedantic movie, although you will get a lot of great scientific knowledge; it’s more like a real-life thriller where you will come to see why Lyme has become a political disease, and how money often influences and corrupts scientific research and treatment of diseases.

Sometimes cliches are necessary for all their pithy truths: Knowledge is power. So, check out the film Under Our Skin; it truly is eye opening!