Bike 4 Chris Lyme Disease Fundraiser

Dear Readers,

If you can help promote this Lyme Disease fundraiser which is also an excellent educational opportunity for Lyme, that would be awesome!! Marc Horowitz is biking from SF to LA in order to fundraise for his friend Chris’s Lyme treatment as Chris is very ill.

Here is a bit more about Bike4Chris:

Hi, my name is Marc Horowitz, and I am going to ride my bicycle from San Francisco to my home in Los Angeles to raise money to save my friend Chris’ life.

Chris was a healthy father who actively participated in activities with his 11 year-old son and wife before he was struck by an undefined illness 8 years ago that was recently identified as late-disseminated, or stage 3, Lyme disease. Now he is in excruciating pain and doesn’t have the energy to do anything but sit or lie down. His current health care provider, Medicare, doesn’t fully support treatment of stubborn cases of Lyme Disease.

San Francisco is 2,664,000 FEET from LA. If I can raise just ONE CENT for every foot I travel, I can give Chris $26,640 towards his mounting medical bills.

This is where YOU come in.

I can only bike as far as YOUR DONATIONS take me.. literally!
If you donate $1, I’ll pedal 100 feet and then stop until the next donation rolls in. $100 moves me 10,000 feet $1,000 takes me 100,000 feet. Get it?


I only have 15 days to complete my trip, and I’ll be documenting the whole thing and posting updates right here on this site. You’ll be able to follow me on the map in real-time and watch your pennies push me home.

Remember: Every donation counts. For every cent donated, we’re one foot closer to our goal. My ride is powered by your donations.

Marc is currently stationed in Big Sur waiting for more fundraising dollars to come through, so he can make it to LA!

Marc’s Bike4chris can be found on Facebook:

and lot’s of info here:

Paypal is:


3 comments for “Bike 4 Chris Lyme Disease Fundraiser

  1. JasonMChicago
    September 13, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    I’ve been following this guy on Facebook. Pretty cool friend. Glad to see he’s helping out financially. It can be tough money wise.

  2. September 29, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Hi Danielle, Thank you so much for posting this story about Chris, and the fundraiser. I so much appreciate your willingness to put the word out. We have had tremendous outpouring of support. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering from this illness. We will continue our fundraising efforts towards our original goal. Many blessings,
    Catheryn (Chris’ sister)

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