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Dental Mercury Amalgam Removal – A Key To Beating Lyme Disease? Part 2

mercury poisoning from dental “silver” fillings can derail your chances of beating Lyme disease and how there are two key things you can do to help yourself: supplement with Selenium and replace your “silver” amalgam fillings (again, which are 50% mercury) with a different material. Now I am going to get into the exact protocol for supplementing with Selenium and the proper way to have your fillings replaced and the material choices, all of which I learned from an extraordinary allergist/immunologist who successfully treated many chronically ill individuals and who is now retired.


Lyme guidelines: a cautionary tale about development of clinical practice guidelines.

Here is a journal article Abstract on the problem often found with clinical practice guidelines, using the controversial IDSA Lyme disease guidelines as a model for the conflicts of interest that often put patients’ best interests last when medical societies…


May 2010 Article Roundup

I am going to teach you in the next post how you can search on PubMed – a free online database where you can search for citations, abstracts and even get some full articles on life sciences and biomedical topics…