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Claritin Allergy Drug Could Hold the Key To Killing Lyme Disease

A popular drug that targets allergy symptoms could also kill off Lyme disease germs, a new study suggests. A study, funded by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation and conducted by Stanford School of Medicine researchers, shows that loratadine (marketed as Claritin), a common antihistamine frequently taken to treat allergy symptoms, may be able to help kill Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria associated with Lyme disease that’s often transmitted by ticks.


Bike 4 Chris Lyme Disease Fundraiser

Dear Readers,

If you can help promote this Lyme Disease fundraiser which is also an excellent educational opportunity for Lyme, that would be awesome!! Marc Horowitz is biking from SF to LA in order to fundraise for his friend Chris’s Lyme treatment as Chris is very ill.

Here is a bit more about Bike4Chris:

Hi, my name is Marc Horowitz, and I am going to ride my bicycle from San Francisco to my home in Los Angeles to raise money to save my friend Chris’ life.

Chris was a healthy father who actively participated in activities with his 11 year-old son and wife before he was struck by an undefined illness 8 years ago that was recently identified as late-disseminated, or stage 3, Lyme disease. Now he is in excruciating pain and doesn’t have the energy to do anything but sit or lie down. His current health care provider, Medicare, doesn’t fully support treatment of stubborn cases of Lyme Disease.


Rife Ultra 10B Machine for Sale

I wanted to share with you that a reader of the site named Sheldon is looking to sell his rife machine if any of you are interested. It is a Rife Ultra 10B machine, which is a low intensity broad band ultrasound unit that performs the Rife therapy. It is the professional grade unit for healthcare professionals as he is a chiropractor and it also can be used by private individuals.