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Is Caffeine Giving You A Headache? Why Your Body May Have Trouble Dealing With This “Foreign” Substance

Have you ever noticed that products such as cologne, laundry detergent or shampoo give you a headache? If so, one of the reasons is that most of them contain perfumes (unless they are labeled as fragrance and/or perfume free), another common cause of headaches is caffeine. Exposure to any caffeinated substances – coffee, cola, chocolate and related foods, and pain-relieving medications that contain caffeine – can be extremely deleterious to certain individuals…


The Gluten, Chronic Illness Connection: Do You Have Undiagnosed Celiac Disease?

Due to greater awareness in recent years, more and more people are learning that celiac disease (gluten intolerance) is not a rare condition as was once thought, and are finally being properly diagnosed with it after what are, oftentimes, whole lifetimes of strange, seemingly unconnected symptoms. Actually, 1 in 100 people have this disease – some in a mild, hardly noticeable form…


B6 & Zinc Deficiency – Are You Pyroluric?

What I learned years ago is that there is a commonly overlooked illness called Pyroluria (or the Mauve Factor) which causes an individual to excrete large amounts of B6 and Zinc, causing a persistent deficiency of these key vitamins. This illness is most commonly seen in women and typically becomes recognizable in their teenage years or early 20s…